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Fanfic post - Regal/Zelos - NC17 [06 Jun 2007|09:02pm]


And so.
I bring you a fanfic!
Regal/Zelos - NC-17. One day I'll draw something, as well. Yay.

Decisions. (Links to my writing journal, thisispurgatory)

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RegalXZelos [04 May 2007|07:15pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've been mulling this over for ages now, and I finally got around to actually doing it. Yeah...writing a fic...
Seriously though this is pretty much a pwp story and I'm not an Awesome-o writter, but hey gotta try to get better, besides Regal and Zelso need more love :)
so tell me what ya think of it ;) 
BTW: I'm pretty shure this would be considered Graphic Material so yeah:o
So without further ado, I bring to this awesome community my first fanfic EVA published ANYWHEAR...

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Love Child [18 Apr 2007|11:55am]

Like Oh my XD!
I know the game hs been out for a while, but has anyone noticed how Luke from Tales of the Abyss looks totally like Regal and Zelos's love child? :O!
If I werent so busy, I totally run with it, but summers sooon, so who knows, gotta play the game first though XD!

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Regal Cosplay [01 Feb 2007|04:37pm]

[ mood | busy ]

4-give meh for talking so long, but I finally got to it!
I apologize for not having a full body shot (cause he was a fine) Regal, but this is the cosplayer I ranted about earlier...oh and mew, There was a zelos, but I ran out of film when I realized...mew

To the Pic...Collapse )

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Happy Holidays, and a Fanart [22 Dec 2006|06:04pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Happy Holidays, everyone! ^_^ I've got a fanart to show. It's only the inked version right now, and eventually I'll color it. It's been a few months before I actually got around to finish drawing/inking it, so I don't know if there's going to be another many month span until it's colored. No, I didn't copy toytoy77's braiding idea. I'd all ready started it when she posted it. @_@ I guess Zelos just seems like a braiding type of person...?

Formal CostumesCollapse )

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Mod Update! [24 Nov 2006|12:19pm]

So, I'm taking out the weekly contest.

Also, I've changed the Fanworks Challenge a little. Instead of doing 50 moods, you need to do 20. Also, you can use icons, fanart, and fanfiction to make up that twenty, instead of needing to do only fanfiction to make up the twenty and so on. And there's no deadline still- it's just a little personal challenge. After completing all twenty, you get a banner. ^_^ Any questions?

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Guess who I got to hug at my first Con...? [26 Sep 2006|12:18pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Ok I was so excited that I was even able to go, but what really made my day when I went was on Saturday, i was looking around on the first floor from the second when I spotted him! Blue hais....Half shirt....Shackels...."Regal...REGAL!!!!"

I dashed from the second floor, across the crowds, sownstairs, and across the lobby praying that he wouldnt move, and when I finally got there I had to slow down, cause I was about to tackel him all together XD! So I walked up to him and he was MIGHTY FINE, Mighty Fine indeed, and dhe did Regal XDDDD! After I found someone to take our picture, I modestly asked him for a hug.. He was like Your the first person to come up to me like this, so when he said I was his first I almost pssed out rite there XD

Now u guys u know since Regals in chains the only way he can hug is up and over...I seriously didnt want to let go XD! Then everytime I saw him after that at the con, Id run over to him and get a hug, he was so IN CHARECTER TO PERFECT GENTELMAN, AND BASHFULLY DIGNIFIED XDDD!!

WAHOO...On a downer side though, I ran out of film before I saw that he actually came in a group, and one friend did Sheena, and the other...... ZELOS T-T....I really wanted to cry...but when ever I get the film Ill try and post the picture of Regal...Ill try to cut me out, but it may be a lil hard XD!

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first time spam for you *gets shot* [16 Sep 2006|04:39pm]

Hello everyone! I would like you all to be informed of a community that I made that could be of service to you, especially if you're into making and/or playing rps! Please come look around and find out what all the ranting rage is about!


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Theme #2: Untangling and IMPORTANT contest changes!!! [15 Sep 2006|10:36pm]

[ mood | Tired/Sick ]

So, no one did anything for the first theme. Not surprising, since we're such a small community. I will still post a theme every two weeks though, and instead of rotating between fics, fanart, and icons every week, you can do as many of all three as you want for each theme. Also, you can still submit things to past themes that haven't had a contest yet. When at least five entries has been submitted for a past theme, a contest will happen!

The next theme is untangling!
Definition:Collapse )

How will you include this theme into your fanart, fanfiction and/or icons? Let your imagination take over! (Click here for the rules/submission format.)

If we have at least 5 entries (and people can do more than one entry) by two weeks from now (Sept 30, 2006), then we'll hold a contest! If not, then it will be put under the past themes that need more entries before a contest can be held.

Past themes- need more entriesCollapse )

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Tis been 4-eva [13 Sep 2006|08:30pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Oh how ive missed the net XD!
Im in college now, so im in school, so I have a computer (sort of) anyways who cares about the details! I havent done as much as I wanted, but I did do sumthin!
I got on this drawing streak where I wanted to draw may fav guy pairings getting there hair braided, so I did a rikuxsora one, and of course a RegalxZelos one XD!
so here it is


Tell me if ya like it XD!

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Contest Reminder!!! [03 Sep 2006|08:17pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Remember to submit a fic for the the contest! It closes in seven days (September 10).
(Click here!)

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Contest Theme #1: Windows [Fanfiction] [28 Aug 2006|09:08pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Our first contest theme will be windows! For this theme, the format will be fanfiction. It can be anywhere from drabble length (at least 100 words) to multiple chapters. Never wrote a fanfic before? Don't be afraid to give it a try!

Interpret the theme "windows" in whichever way you want, whether it's metaphorical windows or actual windows in the fic. Just somehow include the theme in it! Go HERE for the rules, and be sure to read them! It includes the directions on how to submit your entry(ies)!

The contest starts today, and ends on Sunday, September 10th. Submit as many fanfics into the contest as you want until the deadline! Mods are allowed to submit entries as well, since voting for the winners is done by the entire community.

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Updates & Results of Poll [28 Aug 2006|08:50pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Masterlist of Regal/Zelos updateCollapse )

Poll results!

  • As for the result of the poll- 4 people responded (not including myself). Hopefully people who didn't respond just didn't notice the poll, and will participate in the contest. The majority wanted the contest to be bi-weekly (every other week), so that's what we'll do. Also, the majority wanted to switch between it being an icon, fanart, or fanfiction contest each theme. It was a four-way tie for what the voting topics will be, so I decided that we'd go with "Best Overall" if there are less than four contest entries. If there are more than four, then I'll add one or more awards. Thank you for voting! ^___^

  • Go [HERE] for the rules for the contest! Make sure you read them!

    In my post I'll declare what the theme is, and when the deadline is! Look out for it!
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    Reminder-- vote! [24 Aug 2006|05:47pm]

    [ mood | determined ]

    This is just a reminder to go and vote on whether we should have contests here at casanovaconvict! It only takes a minute to do. ^_^ [link]

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    Poll! (all members please vote! ^_^) [22 Aug 2006|12:39pm]

    [ mood | curious ]

    I was wondering about the interest level for a contest for the community. It would be Regal/Zelos themed, of course. The prize would be a banner for the winners (so if you'd want to be a banner maker, please comment!), but if you have a different idea for a prize, please tell me.

    Please vote!Collapse )

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    ToS Anthology Story! [21 Aug 2006|03:46pm]

    [ mood | happy ]

    tasoka bought some of the ToS anthology manga while we were at Anime Boston this past year, and now she's finally scanned part of it. It's a Regal and Zelos story, so I thought it would be appropriate to post here. ^__^

    I've uploaded the file to megaupload here. It's a .zip file, so you'll need Stuffit Expander, WinZip or something similar to open it. If anyone has trouble with the links/opening the file, please tell me and I'll see what I can do.

    This story is not yet translated. I'm planning to attempt a translation, however, I know nearly no Japanese, and I can't read kanji. Therefore, I would be forever grateful to anyone who knows more Japanese than me who would take the time to translate these pages.

    Anyway, comment if you take it, and please enjoy!

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    Colorbar! [21 Aug 2006|01:37pm]

    [ mood | content ]

    Just a quick post, since tasoka was prodding me to share the colorbar I made. ^__^

    Regal/Zelos is loveCollapse )

    Hope you like it!

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    Update! [17 Aug 2006|10:08pm]

    [ mood | accomplished ]

    I'm just posting to say that I've updated the "Directory of Regal/Zelos [link]." All the fanfiction and fanart that has been posted in the community has been added to the list, but if I accidenlty missed something, tell me! I've also added some fics and fanart from outside our community, such as "Viva Las Vegas" and "Forget the Past."

    Remember to reply at that post with any Regal/Zelos fics you've read or fanart you've looked at!

    I've also just added some Japanese Regal/Zelos fanart sites.

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    Directory of Regal/Zelos [15 Aug 2006|10:41pm]

    Hello my lovely community of fellow fans! I'd like to find all Regal/Zelos things, and list it in this entry for easy access for all Regal/Zelos fans. This includes fanfiction and fanart, and anything else you can think of. I'll be adding everything that was posted on this community, but I'll need your help in finding things outside of it. If you speak another language- that's great! I want things from all languages. So, if you see something not listed, please reply with a link! ^_^

    Remember to also look at the community memories, which is a directory of all things posted in the community, including icons and discussions!

    The List!Collapse )

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    [29 Jul 2006|05:30pm]

    I just completed my first Tales of Symphonia fanart!! ^_^

    It's Regal/Zelos. Its my favorite pairing, along with Lloyd/Zelos. I just might color it later, but I'm not sure so I'll post it now. I hope you all like it.

    Slight Warning: They're kissing.

    Here it is: http://pics.livejournal.com/yo_mawari/pic/0000kza7/

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