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Just a quick post, since tasoka was prodding me to share the colorbar I made. ^__^

RegalxZelos is opposites attract love.


Go ahead and take it if you'd like. The link takes anyone who clicks it back to this entry.

Also, feel free to change the text if you like. I had a hard time deciding what to put. ^__^

Other suggestions:

RegalxZelos is corny pick-up line love
RegalxZelos is hidden canon love
RegalxZelos is nobility in love
RegalxZelos is "Haven't we met?" love

etc., etc.

Hope you like it!
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I love it! ^____^
Well, I knew you did. ^__^ Thanks!
>3< oh this is so awsomeness XD!
I really really love this gonna figure out this computer lingo eventually, ive just been so busy T_T and now im in college, but im so happy to see that the loves still around XD!
Yay! I'm glad you like it. Feel free to take it, if you want. ^__^ (Just copy-and-paste the codes in the box under the picture into your userinfo.)

I'm sorry you're so busy. I hope you'll have some time to come back to the community occasionally!
Why thank u :D
You're welcome. ^__^