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Updates & Results of Poll

  • I've added a couple fanart to the Masterlist of Regal/Zelos ("Regal and Zelos" and "Kiss: Regal + Zelos").

    Poll results!
  • As for the result of the poll- 4 people responded (not including myself). Hopefully people who didn't respond just didn't notice the poll, and will participate in the contest. The majority wanted the contest to be bi-weekly (every other week), so that's what we'll do. Also, the majority wanted to switch between it being an icon, fanart, or fanfiction contest each theme. It was a four-way tie for what the voting topics will be, so I decided that we'd go with "Best Overall" if there are less than four contest entries. If there are more than four, then I'll add one or more awards. Thank you for voting! ^___^

  • Go [HERE] for the rules for the contest! Make sure you read them!

    In my post I'll declare what the theme is, and when the deadline is! Look out for it!
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