toytoy77 (toytoy77) wrote in casanovaconvict,

Guess who I got to hug at my first Con...?

Ok I was so excited that I was even able to go, but what really made my day when I went was on Saturday, i was looking around on the first floor from the second when I spotted him! Blue hais....Half shirt....Shackels...."Regal...REGAL!!!!"

I dashed from the second floor, across the crowds, sownstairs, and across the lobby praying that he wouldnt move, and when I finally got there I had to slow down, cause I was about to tackel him all together XD! So I walked up to him and he was MIGHTY FINE, Mighty Fine indeed, and dhe did Regal XDDDD! After I found someone to take our picture, I modestly asked him for a hug.. He was like Your the first person to come up to me like this, so when he said I was his first I almost pssed out rite there XD

Now u guys u know since Regals in chains the only way he can hug is up and over...I seriously didnt want to let go XD! Then everytime I saw him after that at the con, Id run over to him and get a hug, he was so IN CHARECTER TO PERFECT GENTELMAN, AND BASHFULLY DIGNIFIED XDDD!!

WAHOO...On a downer side though, I ran out of film before I saw that he actually came in a group, and one friend did Sheena, and the other...... ZELOS T-T....I really wanted to cry...but when ever I get the film Ill try and post the picture of Regal...Ill try to cut me out, but it may be a lil hard XD!
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