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A Regal/Zelos Community

Zebra Bagels with Relish

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This is a community dedicated to the pairing Regal Bryant/Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia.

  • Masterlist of Regal/Zelos
  • Fanworks Challenge

    The Rules:
  • This is a slash community. Homophobia isn't allowed. ^_^
  • No bashing or flamming, and try to stay on topic.
  • Other pairings in fanart and fiction besides Zelos/Regal is allowed, as long as Zelos/Regal is in there. In a fanfic, if Zelos and Regal are paired up with other people, the ending pairing needs to be Zelos/Regal.
  • Put four or more icons in a post under an lj-cut. Put all pictures and stories over drabble length (100 words or less) under an lj-cut.
  • Please use the following format before the lj-cut when posting fiction or art:
    Pairing(s): (if other pairings in the fic besides Zelos/Regal)
  • Introduction posts are allowed, and encouraged. ^_^

    If you want your community added, write a comment here. We will add communities that are TOS-related, or pairing (het, slash, femmeslash)-related. If you're not sure if we'd affiliate with you, just ask anyway. ^_^

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    RegalxZelos is opposites attract love.
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