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I've been mulling this over for ages now, and I finally got around to actually doing it. Yeah...writing a fic...
Seriously though this is pretty much a pwp story and I'm not an Awesome-o writter, but hey gotta try to get better, besides Regal and Zelso need more love :)
so tell me what ya think of it ;) 
BTW: I'm pretty shure this would be considered Graphic Material so yeah:o
So without further ado, I bring to this awesome community my first fanfic EVA published ANYWHEAR...
"*Yawn* zelos awoke to a huge lush queen sized bed provided by Altemeria’s VIP suit room.
“What the …” his thoughts were cut short as a huge pang of pain shot through his head.
“My brain!” He closed the palms of his hands around his ears, before rising out of the bed.
“Talk about partying hardy…” The disheveled red head was staggering his way over to the balcony’s sliding glass doors when he caught a glimpse of his reflection. The chosen was sporting an oversized white Lassaro co. t-shirt that hung off of one shoulder. Then he looked at his face, and paled.
“Eye baggage and bed head, I look a mess…” He let out the trademark Zelos sigh of defeat, before sliding the glass door open.
“Finally awake chosen?” The voice originated from the stern, masculine sculpted man in bondage sitting in a patio chair reading the days paper. Zelos’s only reply was a grumpy stair at the back of regals chair, and mumbling. The hung over red head shuffled across the patio barefooted to plop down in a reclined patio chair opposite of regal.
“My head is killing me.” Collapsing lazily into the arm chair, he rubbed his temples. Regal peered over the paper past his reading glasses and smiled.
“Here drink this, its coffee.” Regal handed Zelos the cup of coffee off the table after placing his paper in his lap.
“Coffee?! That’s a lie, I’ve tried it dozens of times with hangovers” Nevertheless he took the large mug inscribed with “el presidente”.
“You just didn’t know how to correctly prepare it.”
“Is that so?” Zelos took a width of the coffee, it smelled like French vanilla. He took a sip of the freshly blended drink and immediately began to feel rejuvenated.
“This is pretty good, I’m feeling better already. What did you put in this stuff?” Zelso propped himself up against the back of the chair before looking over at Regal. He had a towel draped around his neck and was shirtless. ‘Man he’s dedicated. Who the heck leaves a room full of hunnies throwing themselves at you to go back to your room and go to bed so that you’d get up in the morning to work out?’
While Zelos was off musing in his mind, Regal had already gone into the room and returned to the patio.
“I prepared it like regular coffee, but added some of these.” Regal chucked a pill bottle onto zelos’s lap. “Drunk be Gone”
“Ha! What’s a guy like you doing with things like these?” Regal returned to his chair.
“I don’t know what you believe, but I do enjoy the night life as well.”
“Oh please! I bet you borrowed these from Raine” Regal was now hiding behind his newspaper.
“What makes you think I don’t?” Regal had a light stammer as he spoke.
“I’ve seen you in action bud. You order those really sophisticated drinks that only you and the bartender would know that it’s a non-alcoholic dink, then if a beautiful lady asks you to dance; you ever so politely blow her off with that “Regal” diss. If you do by chance accept, it’s so forced. Admit it your just a dandy fellow. You’d rather be at home reading a book with the one person you like, then out clubbing.” Regal’s Face was completely buried in the news paper, Zelos had him figured.
‘I bet he’s flustered out of his mind’ Zelos snuck up behind Regal to see if he was rite.
“I knew it! Look at you, your blushing!” the playful red head snatched the paper from the shackled hands and sat at the foot of the reclined chair.
“…..” Zelos’s gaze softened as he looked at the pink flush across the Duke’s tanned cheeks.
“Truthfully though, there’s nothing wrong with that,” The red head placed his hand behind him for leverage as he leaned back and crossed his legs while turning to look at Regal. “Its actually admirable how you have such great self control over your actions.”
“Admirable?” The Duke took on a deep look of self reflection before he spoke, “My behavior is dictated by my upbringing to be a strong, reliable, corporate head official. That is all.” Zelos turned to face Regal again, his blazing red locks cupping his face, and cocked an eyebrow.
“Even with that said, I really couldn’t imagine you any other way…” Regal cleared his throat as he sat on the edge of his chair pulling his hair over his shoulder to untie his little pink hair bow tie. Zelos watched attentively as Regal used both hands to grab a brush off the shaded table. Zelos was in a trance as he gazed on as watching the older man cup the brush in both of his bound hands and ran the brush through his hair. Finally fully awake the chosen noticed the care the ex-convict took to slide a hand threw his hair first before taking the brush through to avoid any nasty kinks that could lead to a premature bald spot in his flowing azure maine.
‘He looks so stern and noble…just like a Duke should be, yet…’ Zelos giggled a little as he noticed the slight rose in the Dukes cheeks ‘he’s also as pure as untainted snow….even with what had happened to Regal’s beloved, it was the only way he cold save her. He blamed himself for everything, and even went along with the police when he was arrested. He could have easily escaped if he wanted, he didn’t though….He has so much humanity inside of him…I wish I could amount to ¼ of what he is...’
“Here, let me help with that bud!” Zelos perked himself up with his happiness facade and sat himself behind Regal’s waterfall of pure crystal clarity and drank his hands through the unsurprisingly soft hair.
“You know big guy, at first glance, your hair looks like it should be matted with tangles and all course like.” Zelos snuggled his head up to Regal's maine and inhaled Regal’s scent.
“Chosen?!” Regal stiffened as he felt Zelos’s body press up against his back.
“I love to hear you call me that. The way you say it makes me feel as if I’m important.” Zelos snuggled his head around those silky tresses and ran his fingers through some of it idly.
“It even smells good, and this is you naturally.
“Chosen…” Zelos slid his slim (compared to Regal’s) arms around the muscular man’s waistline down to where the drawstring of his sweatpants were tied. The seductive red head moved to breathe sensually on Regal’s neck before reaching his earlobe.
“I’ve noticed the way Lloyed looks at you; he’s so confused about himself…” Zelos’s hands worked with grace and experience as he loosened the drawstring to Regal’s grey sweat pants and slid his hands past the waist band to grab hold of Regal’s thick flaccid length, “That’s the real reason why that little Desian twerp gets his panties in a bunch over you, he’s just insecure because his hunny bunny Lloyed is looking at someone else, but…” The enticing red head bought his other hand down to reveal Regal over his waistband.
“You should not…do this…Zelos” Regal was slightly beginning to loose composure as the chosen’s skilled fingers begin to try and raise him, causing slight tremors to vibe through his tout body and adding a gasp less sigh in his voice.
“Why shouldn’t I? Of all the eyes on you, I know you’ve noticed mine amongst the crowd…I’m not used to being this attracted to another person who barely even acknowledges me…even if it’s another man…”, Zelos shifted behind Regal to grind up against him teasingly, “or so I thought.” Zelos was now slowly, but firmly stroking Regal to his full potential.
“It all goes back to what I said about your ability of controlling yourself. It took me longer then usual to catch on because of that trained expression of yours, but I finally caught it.” Regal was battling the urge to fist Zelos’s teasing hand to make him pump harder and faster, but the duke refused to give into temptation. Just as Regal’s brain was beginning to get a grip on Zelos’s action, the red head began to grind his nude body up against Regal’s lower back, and just like that, the hardened wall of self control began to crack and fall.
“It was the gangs’ first trip to the hot springs. Lloyed and the twerp were joking around with each other,” Zelos tightened his grip on Regal’s painfully hardened member and did a quick jerking motion, “more like jerking around with each other, while you were peacefully meditating, I was the only one to go in fully nude. Heck, I even took my head band off to let my hair fall to my sides. Do you remember that?”
“Yes…you walked up to me as bold as ever with a sly smile that showed how unashamed of yourself you were…” Zelos giggled behind Regal’s head and held him close taking in a sharp breath.”
“You know, I was sauntering around in front of you purposely to see if you’d blush. I wanted to see if I could get a rise out of you. And boy did I get a rise out if you! Not only did you give me the blush I was looking for, but you were also sporting an impressive…,” Zelos did a quick jerking motion and giggled. “It was so cute watching you try and cover it up!” Suddenly the loose grip that Regal had cupped around Zelos’s hand became like a vice grip that he used to pry of Zelos’s hand and force himself to turn around and look at the chosen.
“You… enjoy teasing me?”
“But of course.”
“Just to get a rise out of me....”
“Oh, you caught me!” Zelos made a seductive smirk as he accepted the accusation. Regal had closed his eyes and began to sport his famous pleased, face while cupping his chin.
“Well chosen, it looks as if you have succeeded in your mission.” Regal let a small smirk grace his lips as he unshackled his wrist staring at Zelos.
“You actually just took them off!” Zelos was slightly taken aback by the older mans actions as Regal rubbed his wrist and gazed at the cuff marks.
Hmn, I remember when he wouldn’t even bath without his restraints.
“Shall we?” Regal turned to face Zelos with a look of pure cunning.
Did he just give me a devious smile…?
“Having second thoughts are we chosen?” Regal was glaring at Zelos with his usual stoic expression.
“I think you just forgot who you are talking to! I was just admitting to myself that you actually can be pretty bold.” The cheeky grin the red head was sporting quickly turned into a look of surprise as Regal single handedly hoisted the chosen up by the waist to land against his chiseled abdomen. Zelos’s legs found support in wrapping around the Duke's muscular waist line and latching onto his neck.
“Oh Regal baby I can feel that you are blissfully hard.”
“Call me El Presidente”
“Oh! Well then Mr. President, be gentel with me.” All Regal could do was smirk at this comment as he made his way to the luxurious bed in the presidents suite with an anxious red head grinding, nipping, and kissing about that perfectly sculpted neck, shoulder , and collar bone. Zelos’s desire was painfully obvious as he lit up passion marks across the broad chest in front of him. Regal appeared to be quite pleased with himself as the chosen hungrily lapped at his exposed upper body.
“My, you are quite impatient chosen.”
“I’m just so horny now Mr. President. You really know how to work a guy up when you show some interest.” With all the heated passion Zelos was dishing out, Regal couldn’t really see past the mass of red hair in front of him clearly, but he managed to safely guide there entwined bodies over to where the bed rested without bumping into any furniture. When Regal kneed the edge of the bed and toppled over to shadow Zelos’s masculine yet delicate form under his larger solid one. Regal leaned forward to capture those heated lips for the first time. Both of them were blazing as they ripped what was left of the clothing they had on off.
Wasting no time, Regal placed three fingers into his mouth sensually while using his other free hand to pin the red heads heated passion laced form beneath him steadily.
“I'm going to need you to calm down now Chosen.”
“I can handle you without any lubricant naturally.” A thin trail of saliva ran from Regal’s lips.
“I do believe you are delirious from lust chosen. I would not dare take you in such a barbaric way.”
“I’m not a virgin ya’know.”
“I'm sure that you are not, but I doubt that I would fit without a little preparation first.”
“Well aren’t you full of yourself.” Zelos’s face grew soft with a look of adoration crossing his features. Regal responded to the look by releasing his hands and delivering a gentel loving kiss to the chosen’s bare brow that led to his parted lips, down his chest, past his belly and into his rose garden. Regal stopped to nuzzle Zelos’s excited groin before encasing his mouth around it and sucking firmly. Zelos’s red hair came to life across the bed sheets as a teaming stream of red wine as he tossed about with strained breaths as the man between his thighs articulated his tongue to provide a sensual rollercoaster. Regal kept a steady beat as he bobbed on the chosen’s member with painfully slow and deep motions. As he put his slickend fingers to work probing the chosen’s flushed entrance, he increased his tempo to distract the withering man beneath him.
“You’re kill'n me babe!” Zelos had one arm covering his blushing face as he held onto the dukes blue mane in utter ecstasy. While Zelos was pleasantly distracted, Regal began to work on Zelos’s inner workings by probing and stretching the Chosen's tightness.
“Oohhh...ssshh...aahhh” Regal went to insert the third thick digit. It was met with some resistance as he breeched and probed that sensitive area.
“Fuck me! Aahhh! I thought you said you'd prep me!”
“That was but a few digits chosen.”
“Geeze Mr. Big Stuff! Big hands, feet…everything!” Relaxing into the Dukes movements, Zelos’s began to feel the waves of pleasure wash over his body. “Look Mr. President, your fingers can’t prep me like the real thing can, besides if you keep this up… I’m gonna be useless when its time to do the deed.”
“I wouldn’t want that, I plan on enjoying the view from the top of you withering in ecstasy beneath me.” Zelos couldn’t help the light flush that crossed his cheeks as he listened to regal talk dirty to him. Retracting his digits from the cavern of warmth he had been exploring, he used his slickened fingers to grip his own member and add some extra lubrication to his seeping heat.
The Duke’s throbbing shaft was a beautiful yet painful sight as he stroked it between Zelos’s thighs. In truth his massive hands were in the way, Regal’s hard on was a homing missal and his target was braced for impact. A guiding hand was not needed for this operation so the Duke put it to better use grabbing the Chosen’s rite leg and hooking it over his muscular shoulder for leverage. Even in the midst of heated passion, Regal kept the chosen’s comfort in mind; using his free left arm, he hooked it underneath Zelos’s waist for support. The swooning red head calmed down into a passion laced trance as he felt the heat radiating from the body above him pressing against him. Wrapping his arms around the robust neck of the man above him, Zelos pulled his head down to the crook of his own neck where Regal suckled him adoringly.
The head, of course, was the toughest part. Despite the finger prep and fluid exchanges between the two men, Zelos’s sex was incredibly tight. A slight whimper escaped through the chosen’s purged lips that cause the Duke to startle.
“Don’t…look at me….keep going.”
“…” Regal was beginning to worry, but he was so close. His head had just breeched through Zelos’s entrance when he felt Zelos lifting his hips to coax the Duke further in. Regal could feel His Chosen’s legs trembling so he made his decision. With one swift movement he pushed his pelvis into the depth beneath him until he hit that spot so deep in Zelos that wouldn’t let him push in any further. His Chosen had death grip around his neck, and his slim legs locked around his back.
“I know that I am hurting you but…”
“Don’t you dare…wuss out on me now” Finally breaking his death grip a bit, Zelos let Regal pull back enough to see his face. His features were strained, and a bit weary, but he was so beautiful.
“You truly are endearing, and I wouldn’t dream.” Lowering his face to his Chosen’s reach, they engaged in a heated kiss. About a half an inch of Regal refused to be sheathed in Zelos’s heated grip, but that was all his body would allow for now.
Feeling the quiver of the foot on his shoulder, Regal griped it and caressed it calmingly before he hunched over the form beneath him completely and began to grind their bodies together rhythmically. The timed movements were truly enticing to feel as the two held one another, but through one glance to his moaning Chosen, he realized that Zelos was ready for him to take him completely. Using both hands, Regal grabbed each of Zelos’s ankles and began to plow into his lover like an animal in heat.
Regal’s body was truly that of an Adonis’s as he flexed his body. Every ripple of muscle contributed to the pleasure that Zelos was feeling through the friction of their bodies joining. Regal looked as if he was in deep concentration; his eyes were closed and his teeth gritted so that the only sounds he emitted were strangled grunts. For Zelos, restraint wasn’t one of his best quality traits, his moans were heard clearly as he called his lovers name on the fourth and fifth floors of the hotel.
“Oh Yeah Hit It! Mr. Presi-Dent Fuck My Brains OUT! This was the specialized wake up call for anyone still asleep in the hotel around 9:30a.m.
Zelos could feel his time coming, but from the looks of it, Regal appeared as if he could go on for a few more hours.
“Oh no bud, we’re cumin together.” Clenching his passage painfully tight, he was intent on making Regal cum as quickly as possible.
“Getting exhausted my little Chosen.” A mischievous smirk could be seen as the duke continued to pound into the red head below him.
“Not everyone’s got the stamina of a thoroughbred, Mr. President” hooking his hands onto Regal’s thrusting backside; he pushed the rest of the Duke’s member into his passage completely.
“Oh Regal Baby, I’m Cumming!” Regal wrapped his left hand around Zelos’s back and pulled his body to sit up on his lap.
“Me Too!” Zelos’s release was explosive and hot as it splattered onto Regal’s abdomen. He instantly went limp, all the strength zapped from his body he slouched onto Regal’s broad chest and continued to bounce with Regal’s rhythm. Regal moved like lightning as he rolled over to let Zelos sit on top as he clung to his Chosen tightly for dear life cumming violently into the spent body he clung to.
As soon as the blood began to circulate in Regal’s body normally, he was able to slide out of his exhausted Chosen almost effortlessly.
“Look Babe, I can’t move rite now, so can we just stay like this for a while.” Zelos didn’t wait for a reply as he snuggled into the firm body beneath him. Looking down, the only thing Regal could see was a bundle of red fur shifting and murmuring into his chest. Leaning his head slightly forward, he kissed the head of his Chosen before pulling the blanket up to cover them both and receiving a slight kiss on his chest where His Zelos rested.
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